API GEOPHYSICAL S.A. Expands Senior Technical Staff


BOGOTA, Colombia, July 15 ,2011— APIGEOPHYSICAL S.A. ( News:https://apigeo.wordpress.com  http://wp.me/p1OTRZ-r ), a company focused on oil and gas exploration services  in Colombia, is pleased to announce that Mr. Gilberto Agudelo has joined the Company as our  Seismic Data Processing Manager effective July 1th, 2011.

Mr. Agudelo is an experienced of Seismic Data Processing Geophysicist  Engineer with more than 25 years of Geophysicist experience. Most recently, from March 2010 to date, Mr. Agudelo served as Seismic Processing geophysicist  for CGG-Veritas in Villa Hermosa, Mexico, where CGG-Veritas have one of  the largest  Seismic Data Processing Center.

Prior to joining API GEOPHYSICAL S.A., Mr. Agudelo was employed by GSI, HGS, Digicon, Halliburton and CGG-Veritas in various posts from 1986 thru 2011. Positions included Seismic Processing Geophysicist (1986-1990) , Senior Processing Geophysicist  (1990-1993), in Colombia, and in 1998 -2011 was as Processing Manager, where he was responsible for  development of  Business CGG`s in Bogota, after worked in Mexico, France, Oman, and Africa. Mr. Agudelo has a  Civil  Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota.

Luis Ramirez, Manager of API GEOPHYSICAL S.A: commented on the announcement. “I am very pleased to announce the appointment of  Gilberto Agudelo Processing Manager.”